We can ship our fudge anywhere in the 48 states with a home or business street address.  We do not ship to PO boxes. 

If you are local to the Tavares, Eustis, Mt. Dora, Leesburg or near by Central Florida area we do offer local pickup and can arrange delivery for a small charge dependent on distance/location.  Be sure to select the "Local Pickup" option at checkout. We can also arrange for you to pickup at one of our local retail partner locations in many instances.  Use the Contact Us page to make arrangements.

We strive to keep our shipping rates as low as we possibly can while packing your order safely and securely.  Since all of our fudge is sold in 1/4 or 1/2 lb packages, we have devised a shipping rate schedule based both on the weight of the product and the size of package(s) needed to ship your product safely.  Larger orders (Over $100) typically will be divided up into multiple safely padded packages to protect your fudge from being crushed, jostled or otherwise damaged. 

We strive to ship on Mondays and Tuesdays only so that your fudge arrives to you in the shortest in shipment time while avoiding as much as is possible of sitting either in a shipping terminal or truck where your shipment could possibly be exposed to adverse temperatures or conditions.

For large quantity orders (totals exceeding $320) you will not be charged shipping at checkout.  We will contact you to arrange shipping details and you will be billed separately for the shipping charge.  This policy exists so we can ship your order as efficiently and inexpensively as we can, while also setting reasonable time expectations of multiple package shipment if we have to produce an out-of-current-stock flavor to fulfill your order.  Producing our fudge is a minimum of 24-48 hour process from preparation to packaged for in season flavors.  Out of season flavor ingredients may or may not be available depending on current market.

Our shipping rates reflect the average actual cost of Priority level shipping, shipping materials and boxes and may adjust at any time higher or lower depending on current shipping market conditions.

Our rates current at this time are:

Purchase Total             Shipping Amount

$0.00 - $5.00                      $3.80

$5.01 - $10.00                    $6.50

$10.01 - $20.00                  $11.00

$20.01 - $40.00                  $15.00

$40.01 - $80.00                  $19.00

$80.01 - $100.00                $24.00

$100.01 - $130.00              $28.00

$130.01 - $160.00              $30.00

$160.01 - $180.00              $40.00

$180.01 - $200.00              $44.00

$200.01 - $240.00              $49.00

$240.01 - $260.00              $54.00

$260.01 - $290.00              $58.00

$290.01 - $320.00              $60.00

$320.00 and over: Please go ahead and place your order through checkout and we will contact you promptly regarding your shipping costs which will be determined by the individual sizes and quantities and how we can most effectively package and fulfill your order.  Your shipping cost will be billed separately and at actual cost determined.

For any other questions use the Contact Us page